Uni Module 3 – “Postcards from…”

If you’re lucky(?) enough to work with me, you would have seen these letters with postcards dotted in various places throughout last week (and probably next week too). I had handwritten 5 letters and left them at the end of the desks and in the kitchen along with 16 postcards to initially gauge peoples reactions … More

Uni Module 2 – “Loneliness in Paradise”

“Loneliness in Paradise” “Landscape pictures can offer us, I think, three varieties – geography,autobiography and a metaphor. Geography is, if taken alone,sometimes boring. Autobiography is frequently trivial, and metaphorcan be dubious. But taken together… the three kinds of informationstrengthen each other and reinforce what we all work to keep intactan affection for life.” Robert Adams … More

2021 Local Walks – Rusper Woods – Infrared perspective

Each week I have been going out with one of my cameras, on a walk, exploring near where I live – since I am unable to travel, well anywhere, like the majority of us, we have been kinda forced into exploring our local areas… Usually, I’d hit up the local parks, but since we are … More

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2006

Images taken from all three days of the Goodwood FOS in 2006. Rally stage photos taken on behalf of Southern Car Club – © Karen Chappell – FotoAdventures ( Reproduction prohibited without prior written consent Photos & licenses can be purchased via Digital downloads can be purchased via Goodwood FOS is a … More

Uni Module 1 – Project 4 – Telling Tales

This project was to tell a story with a series of images. Initially I was going to tell the story of how Crawley is portrayed to people with the view of tourism and encouraging new people to live and work in Crawley but I decided to focus on Crawley’s Town Centre – the shopping area … More

Uni Module 1 – Project 3 – Interdisciplinary Photography

The brief with this project was to combine photography with another discipline. With this one I wanted to concentrate on the environment, but also I have not long obtained an infrared camera, so I wanted to have a play around with that and the effects it creates. Initially I had absolutely no idea what I … More

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