Uni Module 2 – “Loneliness in Paradise”

“Loneliness in Paradise”

“Landscape pictures can offer us, I think, three varieties – geography,
autobiography and a metaphor. Geography is, if taken alone,
sometimes boring. Autobiography is frequently trivial, and metaphor
can be dubious. But taken together… the three kinds of information
strengthen each other and reinforce what we all work to keep intact
an affection for life.” Robert Adams

My aim with this project is to combine all 3 of the above, leaning more towards the metaphor so you could see my mindset while I was making these photos. I have an intense connection with Andalucía, Spain. It is my instinctive go to place where i can escape. But it’s also so much more to me; I feel safe, secure, despite it being “foreign”, i have sense of belonging, it feels like second nature, normal, home…

I was in a familiar country that I would love to one day call home, although unfamiliar cities, yet i found myself very alone, isolated, overwhelmed and trapped. For the first time in this country, I felt like I did not belong and almost had to hide the face that I was a foreigner at a time where travel had opened up a little then was very quickly restricted back.

As a solo traveler, I am used to meeting random people along the way, but the covid situation made people reluctant to go near strangers. Due to the various restrictions, taking the easy way out and returning to my “involuntary home” simply wasn’t an option.

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